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Namaste Banepa
wird von uns und unseren Freunden unterstützt http://www.namastebanepa.com/
www.nepalhilfe-beilngries.de - bringt jedes Jahr einen tollen Kalender heraus!

Anita KC
Anita KCAnita is 13 years old and is in class 3 of Shree Swoiat Ganesh Primary School, where here brother younger brother also attends school. Being very poor, Anita’s father works as a farm labourer to make ends meet.

Although neither of her parents went to school they started sending Anita when she was 10 years old. However, the financial burden was too great especially when her younger brother also wanted to go and they were planning to withdraw her when Namaste Banepa stepped in.

As Anita wants to be a teacher when she completes school she knows she will have to study hard in order to make up for the years of education she has lost. Encouragingly her teacher reports that Anita’ s favourite subject is English and that she is an excellent student who is top of her class.

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Asmita Dahal
Asmita DahalAsmita is 10 and attends Shree Prabhat Primary School in Class 3.

Asmita’s father attended school for six years and her mother can read and write.
Asmita’s dream is to be an engineer – a big dream for a little girl in this male dominated society! Let’s work together to help Asmita obtain her dream!

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Bharat Manandhar
Bharat ManandharAlthough Bharat is nine years old he is only in his first year of school in Shree Swoait Ganesh Primary School. Youngest of seven children, Bharat’s parents were too poor to send him to school until Namaste Banepa took him under their wing. Bharat’s teacher reports he is a good student, particularly talented in mathematics. Bharat’s parents never attended school although his father can read and write a little. Unfortunately, none of his siblings have been lucky enough to attend school and are now too old to start.

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Bhuban Bahadur Thapa
Bhuban Bahadur ThapaBhaban is 12 years old and has studied for 7 years and is currently in Azad High School. Although neither parent has received an education, all of Bhaban’s three of his four sisters and his brother were able to attend school. However over the years Bhaban’s father has become ill and it was impossible for Bhaban to continue his education until Namaste Banepa came along. Being good at English, maths and Nepali, Bhaban is extremely happy that he has been able to continue his schooling with the help of Namaste Banepa and wishes to go into the army when he completes his education.

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